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TCOLE exam Prep consists of thousands of online flashcards and online practice tests to study and improve your knowledge in: Basic Police/Peace Officer Exam prep questions and answers, Basic Corrections Officer Exam prep questions and answers, Court Security Specialist Exam prep questions and answers, Civil Process, Code of Criminal Procedure, Criminal Investigations, Firearms, Health & Safety Code, HAZMAT awareness, Penal Code, Bill of Rights, Traffic, Use of Force, Texas Constitution and citizen’s rights, Professionalism and ethics, Professional policing, Fitness and wellness, Stress management, TCOLE Rules, Multiculturalism and Human Relations, Racial profiling, US Constitution and US citizens’ rights, Texas Constitution and citizen’s rights, Penal code, Arrest, search, and seizure, Asset forfeiture, Identity theft, Consular notification, Civil process, Health and safety code, Controlled Substance Act, Alcoholic beverage code, Sexual assault and family violence, Missing and exploited children, Child alert checklist, Victims of crime Human trafficking, Traffic code, Intoxicated driver (SFST), Written communication, Verbal communication, and public interactions, De-escalation strategies, Force options theory, Crisis intervention, Traumatic brain injury, Arrest and control, Criminal investigations, Juvenile offenders, Professional police driving Patrol skills, Radio communications, LTFA, Amber-Silver alert, Civilian interactions, Deaf and hard-of-hearing interactions, Canine encounters, Emergency medical assistance, HAZMAT awareness.

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