Federal LEO Prep

Real Estate & Law Enforcement Test Prep

Our Federal Law Enforcement Test Prep was created to help candidates applying to become CBP Border Patrol Agent, CBP Customs Officer, ICE Special Agent, Secret Service Special Agent, FBI Special Agent, DEA & ATF Agents to ensure potential candidates have the skills required to take a pass Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Batteries which generally consist of : English writing abilities, English reading abilities, logical/verbal reasoning abilities and for certain LEO positions Arithmetic Reasoning/math Test.


To fully prepare for your Agency Entrance Exam, please review and practice with all the following materials, take your time with it, as your law enforcement knowledge increases, you will come across as a more confident candidate and law enforcement savvy prospect and you will appear to be well suited for the job in the eyes of the recruiters. Remember Law Enforcement Officer positions at the Federal Level are very competitive to land and you will need to do extremely well at each step of the hiring process to be selected at the end by your desired agency. As always we added some extra materials that will help you succeed beyond the written test. Needless to say, mastering the following practice materials will also help you with the interview portion of the hiring process.

Good Luck!















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